[flashback] From another era...


The cockpits of racecars no longer look like this — and although we are much safer today behind the wheel, they definitely are not as memorable or as timeless as this is…

Cogged Exhaust tips


Finally received back the exhaust system from ceramics.  It was dropped by the courier and the ceramic media was scratch — thus they redid it to make them perfect.  Just finishing up the cnc’d cogged style exhaust tips and need one more final polish and baffle installation for the oversized tubes.  System will ship early next […]

Gyronaut X-1 motorcycle stre...


For more on this famous twin engine Triumph powered motorcycle streamliner — which was the fastest motorcycle streamliner (in the era) —  please reference the website that was created to immortalize it: (website for) Gyronaut X-1

Alfa Romeo 8C2900B — 1...


Alfa Romeo never built an 8C2900 in this form.  Usually they were either a berlinetta (coupe) or in a spyder (convertible) configuration built upon the 8C’s series of frame design with the famous dual supercharged inline eight cylinder engine.  It might not be 1935… but who knows what the future might bring forth?

shipped: S4RS Monster BoomTu...


A set of S4RS Monster BoomTubes (legacy) that have been awaiting several weeks for final payment.  Received today and going out UPS to Detroit, MI.  System is standard BoomTubes with a brushed finish tip configuration and standard baffles.

821 & 939 Monsters and ...

821 & 939 Monsters and Hypermotard exhausts

I’ve had several inquiries the past several months and given the recently acquired parts, I will be able to properly mockup and build exhausts for the following Ducati’s upcoming: (prices still TBD) 821cc Monster (outside engine routing — through swingarm exhaust routing is not an option due to the battery box componentry) 821cc Hypermotard (through […]

Automobile cast aluminum whe...


Some aluminum wheel designs that will hopefully appear on a customers upcoming project.  Design is now in 3D CAD and ready to make the wooden molds for aluminum casting, heat treating and then final machining.

Early Dry Lakes racing ̵...


Here are some great pictures from the very early days of Dry Lakes Racing in California.

New mockup engine for shop


This followed me home — next step is to get it cleaned up and build a mockup fixture to build exhaust systems for this engine series upcoming. First things first though:   A few exhaust systems are at ceramics and once back I’ll get finished and shipped to customers.  Plus need to get some of the 659/696/795/796/1100cc Monster parts finished and […]