Sport Classic — 1-off upcoming to eBay

This system will be available on eBay upcoming once returned from ceramic coater and assembled with baffles and polished tips.

System: Righty system that has yet to be named. Just another iteration of the (Seattle) Shotgun style but with the outlets aimed horizontal.

System was lost by UPS when shipped UPS Ground to the Northwest recently when one of their semi-trucks was in an accident in Oregon. “Discovered” and returned to myself after several week wait. Shipping back to ceramic coater now to get coated. All the other systems in same shipment that were returned, I test fitted them all and checked to make sure no damage had occurred while UPS had them or as a result of their accident. One more headache but at least they will get done now and finished.

Amazingly I have had much better luck shipping USPS Priority across the planet then I have on the West Coast utilizing UPS Ground the past several years. Go figure.


Monster Project and Misc updates

Small displacement Ducati Monster project that has been in the shop. Just showing a few mods upon it for the owner: front trellis frame replaced after damage from an accident; frame gussets; extra top brace tube behind ignition (pod filter setup required); unique tail chop. A few more additions ala custom cnc’d billet “Ducati” tail light, seat latch and custom seat assembly will be made before it goes to paint. These older small displacement Monsters are cool and great projects for enthusiasts to tinker with.

Note: just trying to get a lot of the small projects done and out of the shop between finishing all the exhaust systems and cnc milling of Ducati parts for another project that I want done and delivered.

I will be listing on eBay several M1100 Monster, a M696 Monster and a S2R800 exhaust systems this evening. Systems are packaged and ready for immediate shipment. I have an additional dozen Ducati custom exhaust systems I will list upcoming on eBay that are cancelled orders or the owner crashed their Ducati since ordering and do not want to take delivery of now.

Until the last four exhaust systems being built are built/shipped and ALL the unpaid balance (finished) exhausts orders on the back shelves from the last two years are gone — no new exhaust orders in the interim.

I’m awaiting ground delivery back of several SportClassic and S4R systems currently. An S2R800 rear header finally was returned today that has been lost for several weeks at the ceramic coater. System will ship across the Pacific shortly with tracking #. M796, S4’s and a few others are supposedly being coated today at ceramic vendor — I hope and will arrive back next week for final assembly/shipment.


BassoBoma, CAD CAM and more systems shipping

The rumours of an entirely new MotoCreations style exhaust system with extensive CNC machine work that has been photographed (and posted on a Ducati forum) are true. I have two enthusiasts in the USA riding and putting extended miles on them currently for durability purposes. The name of the system is “BassoBoma” and has been designed to emphasize the bass sound quality of the system without the high decibel amplitude of many of my exhaust systems that I have built over the past ten years. I know many customers want a more traditional Ducati sound from their exhaust system and that doesn’t annoy the neighbors in the morning while heading to work. The system is still an under-the-engine configuration as I like my exhausts to be heard — not seen. More details in August once durability testing is finished and I am ready to start taking orders for them.

[picture below] A bit of aluminum for some CNC machine work. I CNC machined some cool parts for a M1100 Monster (which I just received Monday a replacement fuel tank for after waiting forever!) and looking at them now I am disappointed as the tool paths to create them were done in 2.5D CAM. In the switch to the new CAD/CAM platform, I now have full 3D CAM functionality. Thus going to remake the parts as originally designed now that I can do the tool paths in proper 3D CAM and machine as originally intended. Round stock is for fuel caps and some engine accessory items. (note: there are a bunch of parts that have been put on hold for months/years that I will finish upcoming and get on the website for the enthusiast to purchase. My goal is to be able to get help within my shop with a skillset that doesn’t mandate TIG welding and stainless/titanium fabrication — just running CNC machine parts of my design or items that I can outsource to a 3rd party for larger quantity runs. I can no longer “do it all” myself anymore given normal working hours and health.)


These exhaust systems have been invoiced and awaiting payment for shipment. Some of you out there — please check your e-mails. I am assembling and packaging another group of exhaust orders this weekend for Monday shipment. I want to get as many out of here as possible as more are in queue to be returned from ceramics upcoming.


Watch the website as I will start listing all the M696 (BoomTubes and Righty Shotguns) and M1100 (Righty BoomTubes, Righty Zoomies, 1-off BoomTubes) exhausts that are available for immediate purchase this weekend and shipment on Monday. I have everything to assemble but I want to get all the customer exhausts finished first for billing/shipping purposes before I delve into these and find good homes for them.

For those of you in the USA — have a safe 4th of July and please be careful out there!

late June update

Received back ceramic coated parts that were recoated after initially damaged in UPS shipment. Assembly of several systems today and getting ready for shipment on Tuesday.

No new exhaust orders for another two [four] weeks! I want to get the last of the orders built and delivered in queue now.

Still trying to fix e-mail system due to spammers. I’ll post a new contact form upcoming in leiu of an e-mail address itself on the website that will integrate with SQL and e-mail server and thus ONLY will allow registered users to contact me. (everything else will default to *spam*) I can no longer delete the tens of thousands of e-mails I receive daily even when creating new e-mail accounts on a regular basis.

Four additional systems are at ceramics now:

SportClassic Shotguns

SportClassic Seattle-style Shotguns

S4 Righty Shotguns (header was lost at former ceramic coater and had to be recreated)

796 DesmoDevil-style BoomTubes for local enthusiast.

June 3rd — numerous systems back from ceramics!

Received three UPS deliveries with 14 systems back from ceramic coaters. Assembly of tips and baffles is happening now. E-mails [with new e-mail address thanks to spammers again] going out shortly for S2R800, M1100 and M1000 as they are packaged. Awaiting another two more UPS shipments of ceramic coated systems early next week (or as soon as they get them shipped) with numerous S4R and SportClassic Shotguns.

Here are the exhaust tips for a M1000 Monster doublesided swingarm set of BoomTubes:


Be careful when working in ones shop — I was moving a Ducati engine on a fabrication workstation bench and the welds broke and ended up wearing it on the floor upon myself. I had someone make some new engine stands and they didn’t do a good job with the welds as I painfully discovered.

E-mail servers are nuked again and probably 40+hrs to fix. I will get to upcoming but priority will be to get several remaining systems (M796, SportClassic, Hypermotard and S4RS) built and routed to ceramics first — and exhaust systems finished upon return from ceramics and shipped to customers.

Below are at ceramics (along with numerous other SportClassic BoomTubes/Shotguns, M1100, S2R800, S4/S4R/S4RS, MH900e and M696 systems)

S2R800 with upturned tips. System was returned from terminated ceramic coater untouched. At ceramic coater and being returned UPS Ground now to Arizona.

M1100 Righty Zoomies. At ceramic coater now. This is the 1st of a new style of system. (Along with the 1st set of M1100 Righty BoomTubes) Both systems will be available for immediate purchase upon return and final assembly.

S2R800 with turned up outlets. System was returned from prior ceramic coater untouched. At ceramic coater and being returned UPS Ground now to Arizona.

M696 Righty Shotguns. At ceramic coater now. (this and several other M696 will be available for purchase)

M1000 Monster BoomTubes. System was returned from terminated ceramic coater untouched. At ceramic coater and being returned UPS Ground now to Arizona.