Over the past several years, I’ve utilized Solidworks whenever possible to design parts — but I have had to outsource much of the machining itself due to a lack of a true 3D machining CAM software. Or I’ve had to call friends to take my CAD files and push through MasterCam and e-mail me back the resulting toolpaths and code. The slow turn around halted a lot of creativity. Or simple projects turned into long project timeframes while awaiting CAM files returned.

Lately Autodesk has come out with a development toolset called Fusion 360 (CAD) which incorporates HSMWORKS (CAM) for actual post processing and creating of toolpaths. I’m slowly making the migration to this in my afterhours. Currently machining a lot of M796/M696/M1100/M659/M795 Monster parts with 3D surfacing treatments and I’m totally enthused by the results.

Platforms: PC or Apple

Pricing: $300/annually or $40/mo and students for free. Well worth it!

more here –> AutoDesk Fusion 360

(note: I have no involvement with the above other then I’m a customer who likes the results that I’m getting with the CAD/CAM.)

spam count for Sept 2015

For the month of September 2015, I received 1,032,867 e-mails to my former primary MotoCreations e-mail contact (and about 71% of that duplicated to my former secondary e-mail contact) and 362,775 e-mails to my personal e-mail contact thanks to the ongoing and continued attack by spammers.

More systems

I did receive a shipment of parts back from the ceramic coater on Tuesday evening and assembly four systems currently: S4, S2R800 and SportClassic’s — please monitor your e-mails for PayPal invoices later today.

Below are S2R800 Zoomies, S2R1000 Righty Zoomies and Sport Classic Biposto BoomTubes — these and numerous other systems (27 parts total) are at ceramics now and I’ve been awaiting a few weeks for return thereof.






I am implementing a new set of policies on all exhaust orders. I’m doing this because too many customers in the past have ordered a custom exhaust system and have then later not had the money to pay the balance of it or wanted to cancel the order. I apologize for the changes, but they are necessary. The new policy includes the following:

1. To initiate an order, a 70% upfront payment is needed via PayPal. The 30% balance + shipping costs are due when system is finished and ready for shipment.

2. Upon completion, if the 30% balance + shipping costs are not paid in full within 30 days of my having the exhaust completed, packaged, and an invoice sent to you, then I reserve the right to sell the exhaust system with the following stipulations:

A. There will be an administrative processing fee of $100 per system deducted from any refund tendered.

B. All PayPal initial payment transaction fees that I already paid will be deducted as well from any refund tendered.

C. All PayPal transaction and eBay fees as part of the process of selling the system will be deducted as well from any refund tendered.

D. Once a system is physically sold, payment received via PayPal from new acquiring customer and physically shipped, then the initial customer will be refunded any remaining balance due via PayPal (minus the above fees).

Idiots amuck

Apparently besides all my e-mails (business and personal) being spammed to insanity and a phone that never stops ringing thanks to thousands of telemarketing calls from off-shore and all leaving long taped voicemail messages in who knows what languages — someone is now trying to hack this website. 18,142 attempts in the past few days alone via the log-in itself and lots of intrusion tests to find other points of entry.

Hate to let them know that the database is backed up and the website can be recovered fairly easily with a few keystrokes if needed. Disaster recovery was part of my software world long ago and the lessons aren’t lost upon me.

Just letting everyone know if they should check this website and something strange appears upcoming.

796 BoomTubes (DesmoDevil style)

Andrew’s M796 “Anniversary Edition” Ducati Monster with BoomTubes (done DesmoDevil style — outlets exiting below the rearset itself)

Last picture shows the installation and slight reconfiguration (bending) of the ABS line brackets for clearance.

note: he knows the prior rear license plate location needs to be move — it looks strange now without the factory exhaust cans surrounding it.