[for sale] Biposto Sport Classic Shotgun system available

[For Sale]

I built this Biposto Shotgun exhaust system for a customer for his Ducati Sport Classic. Unfortunately I learned after fabricating it, the exhaust will not work with his aftermarket rearsets or custom passenger peg mounting upon viewing pictures of his Ducati and thus will build him a different system now. This system is available now for purchase and to find it a new home. Just needs to go to ceramics once someone initiates an order — about 2.5 weeks for coating in Seattle and return to Arizona with assembly of baffles/tips and packaging for shipment along with final payment plus shipping.

This one system available until indicated otherwise.

HERE IS THE LINK of the system from a few days ago: http://www.motocreations.com/?p=3032

Uri’s Biposto Sport Classic with flared tip BoomTubes

Uri has the last set of integrated “flared tip” (stainless) BoomTubes that I will ever build. I no longer can get the stainless flared sections as the facility in Oregon is no longer in business who made them for me.

More pictures and video of Uri’s Biposto Ducati upcoming. The exhaust literally disappears depending upon the lighting when photographed, but when it is fired up outside there is no question that this is a Ducati. =)