Idiots amuck

Apparently besides all my e-mails (business and personal) being spammed to insanity and a phone that never stops ringing thanks to thousands of telemarketing calls from off-shore and all leaving long taped voicemail messages in who knows what languages — someone is now trying to hack this website. 18,142 attempts in the past few days alone via the log-in itself and lots of intrusion tests to find other points of entry.

Hate to let them know that the database is backed up and the website can be recovered fairly easily with a few keystrokes if needed. Disaster recovery was part of my software world long ago and the lessons aren’t lost upon me.

Just letting everyone know if they should check this website and something strange appears upcoming.

796 BoomTubes (DesmoDevil style)

Andrew’s M796 “Anniversary Edition” Ducati Monster with BoomTubes (done DesmoDevil style — outlets exiting below the rearset itself)

Last picture shows the installation and slight reconfiguration (bending) of the ABS line brackets for clearance.

note: he knows the prior rear license plate location needs to be move — it looks strange now without the factory exhaust cans surrounding it.


Testing of oxygen sensors

I thought everyone understood how an oxygen sensor worked — apparently not. This is a good video out there on how to test one. (or how to test one after modifying)

With the Ducati 4-wire oxygen sensors, the two white wires are for the heating element itself. The black and gray wires are for measuring of the < 1 volt signal produced and sent to the ECU.

Monster plus 1098 Superbike seat

Clay’d the structure for a seat structure to integrate a 1098 Superbike seat into an original platform Ducati Monster for a local enthusiast. Next step is to pull molds and make the final part and get it routed to the painter.

Wait until everyone sees the headlight and taillights for this — cnc’d madness to be honest but definitely cool.

Just trying to get done with a lot of projects in the shop in the next few weeks and get everything finished and delivered.


August 21

Several systems were returned from one of the ceramic coaters and are getting final assembly. Please check your e-mails upcoming. For those who can’t get my e-mails directly anymore (my domains blocked due to spammers), please look for a PayPal balance due.

** Sport Classic (mono) Righty Shotguns are listed on eBay. This is a 1-off system as indicated below that a customer cancelled his order of.

** Also additional pictures of the M1100 Righty BoomTubes on eBay due to numerous requests of what it looks like when installed. I didn’t physically install it — but you get the idea of basic looks with the turned up ends and staggered exhaust tips with righty side of engine front header routing.

Awaiting return of three more batches of exhausts parts from ceramic coaters to get systems done and shipped to customers.

S2R1000 BoomTubes “Toronto Style”

Lost in the mishap due to two customers having the exact same name and one cancelling his order — this system was put on the back shelves uncoated until today. (I thought both were the same customer) S2R1000 BoomTubes done “Toronto style” ala a set of SportClassic system done a few years ago for a Paul Smart Replica. I swapped the S2R**** swingarm onto the DS1000 engine (sportclassic) for mockup and a quick picture before boxing. System is routed to ceramics asap as of this morning for coating and getting it to the customer once returned.


August 17th

Shipped today: eBay 696 Righty Shotguns to Hawaii; eBay ST4 Fairing parts and turn signals to Ohio; SportClassic Shotguns to Singapore; S4RS BoomTubes to Sacramento.

Awaiting return of dozens of exhaust components from ceramic coater who apparently is taking their sweet time in doing them. Hopefully more systems shipping later this week once parts arrive here. Interim building more SportClassic and 4-valve exhausts as well as another iteration of the BossaBoma exhaust for validation testing and price quotes for materials.