Update: March 27, 2015

Update: March 27, 2015

The e-mail server is almost fixed again. If someone has a methodology of parsing through hundreds of thousands of e-mails in a simple manner every few days, I’d be interested in learning. Currently I have to port everything off the e-mail server (that the network ISP e-mail host has already flagged and removed) to SQL Server and use regular expressions to parse that via a “flag list” that is over 623 thousand items long. Only then can I port to Outlook and deal with. I’ll post more on Monday along with new e-mail contacts.

Also whomever sent me the Encrypt Virus that launched via Outlook (EML) and encrypted all my databases, e-mails, CAD and other files — why? Backup restores and a reverse compiler allowed me to determine your algorithm and thus although it has taken days, I have decrypted all the files and operational again. It was just a waste of time that I’d rather have spent getting customer work done.

For those of you who are self-employed (no additional employees) — no clue how you do it. You can’t get sick, injured or deal with existing (ongoing) injuries and physically recovery when mandated. Upcoming I’m going to make some major changes to the products, manufacturing and methodology of sales and distribution system itself. And also a method to deliver orders when spammers and hackers make a mess of my e-mail, server and phone system. More on that soon and the evolution that must happen.

Exhausts? I have been returned delivery of seventeen systems via one ceramic coater — and they were not coated after 13 weeks in queue at his facility in the Northwest. [Four systems were coated and look great] I have now routed all the uncoated systems to another ceramic coater to get finished and returned who is more reliable. Exhausts tips are being CNC’d currently for these via a local machinist as I can’t physically manually machine them on my lathe at the current time.

I’m currently assembling the returned ceramic coated systems and e-mails will go out tomorrow: S2R800 (slashcut); M696 (eraser tips); S4RS and M1100 BoomTubes. Awaiting return of more M1100 BoomTubes and a M1000 Monster system late next week from a 3rd vendor to get faster return cycles and systems delivered to customers.

ceramic coating delays

Currently awaiting the return from the ceramic coater numerous M1100, S2R800/1000, M1000, M696/796, Biposto/Mono SportClassic exhaust systems. Ceramic vendor said either this upcoming Friday or Monday they will initiate UPS shipping return as they are still finishing systems after a long delay in their facility since receiving in mid-January. I’m hoping they will arrive in Arizona by March 9th so I can start to do final assembly with tips/baffles and package for shipment to respective customers.

note: e-mail has been off-line again thanks to spammers and another 100K+ e-mails to have to parse through. I’m trying to get cleaned up at night as time allows. Thanks for your patience.

is this you?

Remember that Ducati’s are easy to modify! Don’t just “like” — get out into your garage (or driveway) and build, install, modify — and remember to have fun and to go actually ride!


Five more

The e-mail server is rebuilt / restored and all the *spammer* e-mail (almost a Terrabyte in size) has been parsed off. Thus give me a few days and I can start to respond to incoming e-mails again — and get outgoing e-mails to send!

Invoices for the five systems here will be outgoing this afternoon once I get e-mail physically downloaded and synched in Outlook. Ceramics is back from vacation and coating systems again and thus I should be getting more back within two weeks.


e-mail update

Given continuing issues with the e-mail server for the past several weeks (sending/receiving), the ISP is currently rebuilding / reloading the file server software this weekend. In the interim, incoming e-mails will probably get bounced back to originator. I’ll post once live again and everything has been tested. Thx.

January 2015

Back in the shop and discovered all my outgoing e-mails for several weeks are stuck in the outgoing queue on the mail server. ISP folks are working on now to address and repair.

For those with exhaust orders that are paid in full, they all shipped today with PayPal tracking #’s sent via PayPal.

Still have a bunch more systems to assemble currently and get billed/shipped in the next few days. More are at ceramics and others are in the final stages of fabrication and shipping to ceramics for coating.

No new exhaust orders until February 1st, 2015.