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The e-mail server is rebuilt / restored and all the *spammer* e-mail (almost a Terrabyte in size) has been parsed off. Thus give me a few days and I can start to respond to incoming e-mails again — and get outgoing e-mails to send!

Invoices for the five systems here will be outgoing this afternoon once I get e-mail physically downloaded and synched in Outlook. Ceramics is back from vacation and coating systems again and thus I should be getting more back within two weeks.


e-mail update

Given continuing issues with the e-mail server for the past several weeks (sending/receiving), the ISP is currently rebuilding / reloading the file server software this weekend. In the interim, incoming e-mails will probably get bounced back to originator. I’ll post once live again and everything has been tested. Thx.

January 2015

Back in the shop and discovered all my outgoing e-mails for several weeks are stuck in the outgoing queue on the mail server. ISP folks are working on now to address and repair.

For those with exhaust orders that are paid in full, they all shipped today with PayPal tracking #’s sent via PayPal.

Still have a bunch more systems to assemble currently and get billed/shipped in the next few days. More are at ceramics and others are in the final stages of fabrication and shipping to ceramics for coating.

No new exhaust orders until February 1st, 2015.

2015 — New Years and more


Time to make some big changes upcoming in 2015 at MSO / MotoCreations in regard to the manufacturing process of products, actual products being made, delivery timelines, people and outsourced resources as well as delving into a passion of mine that incorporates more than just two wheels. “MotoCreations” was always about “Motorized Creations” (created by myself) and one day how to incorporate 35+ years of my automobile past into the overall equation (which will be the MSO, LLC side) of the shop — but Ducati’s will not be forgotten as they are a passion and always will be. (I will still build custom exhausts but not as many!)

There are CNC parts in the production queue currently for 1st quarter release that numerous Ducatista have been waiting a long time to see and actually purchase. As I still recover from injuries sustained and sickness since relocating to Arizona in early 2013, I hope to get more of the new products out that everyone has been asking for over the past several years. The future looks good and I am enthused!

Currently finishing numerous exhausts returned from ceramics as well as getting more fabricated and routed there for ceramic media. I want to get these all done and shipped to allow myself time and energy to focus on all the new parts for 2015 for a period of time.


Mark Savory

Happy Holidays


Back in the shop and on exhaust fabrication! Numerous systems are back from ceramics and awaiting baffles/tips to be installed. Three systems were damaged via UPS in return shipment and I will build new headers for two of them and machine new slash cut exhaust tips and get back to ceramics this week. I still have a numerous exhaust systems remaining to build and make parts for (machining exhaust tips). I was hoping to have all the exhausts done for the holiday and shipped but there isn’t enough hours in a week unfortunately even working insane hours. I tried though!

More upcoming for 2015 as there are new products to debut that will get folks excited that have been under development from years ago and recently. Over the holiday season the initial production runs are being made as I wrap up all the remaining exhaust orders.

Happy Holidays-

Mark Savory
MotoCreations / MSO,LLC

note: The image was inspired by the famous Ducati holiday image from about 4 years ago — Ducati’s should not sound like sewing machines…

[Flashback from early 1990’s and today]

More projects from my career…

Bill’s 1948 Kurtis “Agajanian” #98

This Kurtis achieved pole position at the 1950 Indianapolis 500 at 134.343mph — which was a new record in 1950. Engine is a 270 cu in Offenhauser engine with Riley carburetors producing 300+ hp. Gearbox is a 2-speed with a quick change rear differential. Over the years, this car had 4 Indianapolis 500 finishes, 6 pole positions and 5 National Championship wins. The car was owned by A.C. Agajanian and originally built by Frank Kurtis.

[Pictures from the restoration]




[Monterey Historics upon restoration]





[Today residing on display at the LeMay Car Museum located in Tacoma, Washington USA]