[For Sale] Turbocharged Ducati Hypermotard S

A good friend who is local is selling his turbocharged Ducati Hypermotard S on eBay (see link –> http://www.ebay.com/itm/171549057129.

Unfortunately he has numerous spinal back issues and motorcycle riding is no longer an option for him although he has a passion for turbocharged Ducati’s. I know what he has spent in terms of $$$$$ to build this — and someone is going to get a very good deal on it. I’ve ridden this and it pulls VERY HARD — intoxicating to be honest as it is unlike any 2-valve air-cooled Ducati engine that I’ve experienced EVER.

His contact is: azbill@duccutters.com (I have nothing to do with this sale so contact him direct)


Ducati Monster S4RS BoomTubes

Arizona ceramic coaters destroyed via dropping / excessive pressure media blasting of two large batches of S4RS BoomTubes last year (and one batch was stolen) — and why I now send all my ceramic coating up to Auburn, WA to a facility there that I have used for years with good results and who stand behind the coatings they apply.

Finally got some of the correct tubing in and building another sequence of S4RS BoomTubes for incredibly patient customers.

This is an S4RS set of BoomTubes angled about 15 degrees back, staggered long tips and clearances for a front bellypan as supplied by customer. Next stop is ceramics (one system shipped at a time) and get it back here and get baffles/tips installed and shipped!


BoomTubes for a Biposto swingarm Sport Classic

These BoomTubes for a biposto swingarm SportClassic are for a NE enthusiast. Next stop is Performance Coatings in Auburn, WA for ceramics of the system and machined exhaust tips before being returned here for final assembly.

note: I finally had delivered a shipment of specialized tubing to finish some complex rear headers that have been waiting here — hopefully they will be finished and to ceramics shortly for shipment in early December to customers.


[SOLD] 696 Righty Shotguns one-offs

SOLD [For Sale — until indicated]

2014 one-off set of 696 (or 659) Ducati Monster Righty Shotguns. These differ than the standard Righty Shotgun as the front header feeds the lower Shotgun (instead of the top one). Customer spec’d this way to create a visually longer horizontal line. Unfortunately he crashed his 696 Monster several months ago and put a “hold” on these until his insurance was settled. He just bought an 848 StreetFighter and ordered an exhaust for that pending the sell of this exhaust to someone.

Normally priced at $1300. Owner will cover the first $150 out of his pocket given his change order. New price is: $1150 plus shipping.

System needs to be sent to ceramics for final coating. Specify either polished exhaust tips or $20/upgrade to ceramic coat the tips black (same as system), Chromex or titanium (gold hue) color.

One system and only one system.

SOLD [Available until indicated]



[SOLD] Biposto Sport Classic Shotgun system available


I built this Biposto Shotgun exhaust system for a customer for his Ducati Sport Classic. Unfortunately I learned after fabricating it, the exhaust will not work with his aftermarket rearsets or custom passenger peg mounting upon viewing pictures of his Ducati and thus will build him a different system now. This system is available now for purchase and to find it a new home. Just needs to go to ceramics once someone initiates an order — about 2.5 weeks for coating in Seattle and return to Arizona with assembly of baffles/tips and packaging for shipment along with final payment plus shipping.

SOLD November 7, 2014This one system available until indicated otherwise.

HERE IS THE LINK of the system from a few days ago: http://www.motocreations.com/?p=3032

Uri’s Biposto Sport Classic with flared tip BoomTubes

Uri has the last set of integrated “flared tip” (stainless) BoomTubes that I will ever build. I no longer can get the stainless flared sections as the facility in Oregon is no longer in business who made them for me.

More pictures and video of Uri’s Biposto Ducati upcoming. The exhaust literally disappears depending upon the lighting when photographed, but when it is fired up outside there is no question that this is a Ducati. =)