Brice’s S4RT Monster

Via Brice:

“The bike is perfect…instant throttle response, gets angry when I don’t increase throttle and not only accelerates in velocity but the acceleration increases as well…the larger rear sprocket keeps the monster tame during low speeds. With ear plugs and a helmet I can now here my throttle inputs…no more accidental stall. [The dealership was able to readjust the original map] Here are some pics. It’d be cool to get on down in the aquaducts in some pooled up water with the reflections. Thanks again.”

[fotos: Brice]





Bodywork molds

(note: I am still dealing with horrific headache and vision issue that have kept me off-line as well as away from big machinery that one can easily lose a finger when using or welding that requires good depth perception. Back on exhausts starting Tuesday. First is getting the e-mail spam filter fixed which has put 98% of all incoming e-mails into purgatory while dealing with the ongoing spammer issues as experienced earlier this year that wiped out all my e-mail profiles.)

Attached picture is for one of the customer long-term projects finally getting some work done on it recently which did not require perfect vision or could be done while experiencing a multi-week headache while being in a darkened light room. Here are a few of the splash molds taken of Ducati 1098 Superbike, Streetfighter (tank) and Monster bodywork to get the essential Ducati d.n.a. style features. Individual panels will be made in fiberglass and incorporated into a new bodywork design specification. Goal is to create new master bodywork molds and panels for a more aerodynamic Ducati Superbike for land speed racing purposes using fiberglass / Kevlar and carbon fiber.

More updates this week!