Be careful when working in ones shop — I was moving a Ducati engine on a fabrication workstation bench and the welds broke and ended up wearing it on the floor upon myself. I had someone make some new engine stands and they didn’t do a good job with the welds as I painfully discovered.

E-mail servers are nuked again and probably 40+hrs to fix. I will get to upcoming but priority will be to get several remaining systems (M796, SportClassic, Hypermotard and S4RS) built and routed to ceramics first — and exhaust systems finished upon return from ceramics and shipped to customers.

No new exhaust orders until June 1st, 2015 — I have a backlog of orders I want to get finished first and delivered.

Below are at ceramics (along with numerous other SportClassic BoomTubes/Shotguns, M1100, S2R800, S4/S4R/S4RS, MH900e and M696 systems)

S2R800 with upturned tips. System was returned from terminated ceramic coater untouched. At ceramic coater and being returned UPS Ground now to Arizona.

M1100 Righty Zoomies. At ceramic coater now. This is the 1st of a new style of system. (Along with the 1st set of M1100 Righty BoomTubes) Both systems will be available for immediate purchase upon return and final assembly.

S2R800 with turned up outlets. System was returned from prior ceramic coater untouched. At ceramic coater and being returned UPS Ground now to Arizona.

M696 Righty Shotguns. At ceramic coater now. (this and several other M696 will be available for purchase)

M1000 Monster BoomTubes. System was returned from terminated ceramic coater untouched. At ceramic coater and being returned UPS Ground now to Arizona.

Out of the shop…

Out of the shop the past few days (and for another day or two) due to re-tweaking of prior injuries to my lower back and psoas muscles. Awaiting return of exhaust systems from ceramic coater for final assembly / shipping as well as almost 500lbs of stainless steel and titanium tubing to build more exhausts with in the weeks ahead. Thanks for your patience.

[For Sale] Ducati Mh900e swingarm

For Sale (until listing removed or indicated sold) is a Ducati Mh900e swingarm. “As is” (see pictures) with no eccentric, pinch bolts, chain guard, etc. I did a deal for this many years ago with the intent on using on a customer Ducati DesmoDevil project but a 998 swingarm was used instead. I looked at modifying for use on a M1100 but too much worked involved and rather sacrilegious to be honest given how unique and cool it is. I’ve used this swingarm twice since to build custom BoomTube exhausts systems for customers with MH900e’s and once for a SportClassic Mono that had a Mh900e swingarm installed. Since then it has been sitting collecting dust and gathering occasional scrapes in the OEM paint on the bottom when being moved about on the shelves. Time to find it a new home via MotoCreations enthusiasts as I have no need for — else I will put on eBay upcoming to the general public.

Asking price is: $1000/obo plus actual shipping charges.

The Ducati Mh900e swingarm uses a standard 748/916 rear eccentric hub and brake assembly — and easily found via eBay or any Ducati parts disassembler.








Exhaust tips!

After numerous headaches in getting these outsourced (again) — finally have some back from a CNC machine shop that I can work with for existing and upcoming customer exhaust orders. They all still need to be individually fitted to each system for installation as well as polishing and buffing. This should save me a few hundred hours per year though from standing in front of the manual lathe machining each one as I have. (not fun to do given injuries to myself the past two years)

Another batch is already on order for mid-2015 delivery so I will not run out again!!!!


Parts for DIY custom 4-valve Ducati exhaust builders

Note: Next week I will be offering the 304 stainless steel exhaust flanges for the 4V(valve) Ducati water cooled engines for DIY home enthusiasts. I’ve provided a few over the years to various custom exhaust builders and have had dozens of requests via numerous individuals. Given I have a lifetime supply of them when I had to get a manufacturing run made, it would be good if others can use as well to create their own visions of what a custom exhaust can be. More on Monday of the different styles and prices.

note: I’m still building numerous 4V exhaust systems now and upcoming and will be for at least the rest of 2015 (and into 2016).

Available — Ducati 696 (659 as well) Monster BoomTube’s with Eraser Tip config

I’m back into the shop part-time on exhausts again after delays do to entrapped nerve (psoas) re-injury and the flu bug.

I’m sending out invoices for exhaust orders that are now finished and ready for packaging for actual physical shipment. The other exhaust systems per prior post have been routed as mentioned to another ceramic coater after physical inspection once they had been returned here from the now closed ceramic vendor who went bankrupt and thus creating the long delay of the physical return of the numerous systems.

Today the customer for this 696 Ducati BoomTube system with Eraser Tip configuration (standard baffles) has declined payment of his balance owed on this custom built system — his order has been promptly cancelled and refunded as of noon today. It is a cool exhaust system and I’m sure someone else will enjoy it upcoming for years.

System is available for immediate acquisition with payment via PayPal — price is US $1025 plus actual shipping costs.

Here is the system as of this morning as finished:


Here is the system as when built on the M696 engine / swingarm mockup.


Update: March 27, 2015

Update: March 27, 2015

The e-mail server is almost fixed again. If someone has a methodology of parsing through hundreds of thousands of e-mails in a simple manner every few days, I’d be interested in learning. Currently I have to port everything off the e-mail server (that the network ISP e-mail host has already flagged and removed) to SQL Server and use regular expressions to parse that via a “flag list” that is over 623 thousand items long. Only then can I port to Outlook and deal with. I’ll post more on Monday along with new e-mail contacts.

Also whomever sent me the Encrypt Virus that launched via Outlook (EML) and encrypted all my databases, e-mails, CAD and other files — why? Backup restores and a reverse compiler allowed me to determine your algorithm and thus although it has taken days, I have decrypted all the files and operational again. It was just a waste of time that I’d rather have spent getting customer work done.

For those of you who are self-employed (no additional employees) — no clue how you do it. You can’t get sick, injured or deal with existing (ongoing) injuries and physically recovery when mandated. Upcoming I’m going to make some major changes to the products, manufacturing and methodology of sales and distribution system itself. And also a method to deliver orders when spammers and hackers make a mess of my e-mail, server and phone system. More on that soon and the evolution that must happen.

Exhausts? I have been returned delivery of seventeen systems via one ceramic coater — and they were not coated after 13 weeks in queue at his facility in the Northwest. [Four systems were coated and look great] I have now routed all the uncoated systems to another ceramic coater to get finished and returned who is more reliable. Exhausts tips are being CNC’d currently for these via a local machinist as I can’t physically manually machine them on my lathe at the current time.

I’m currently assembling the returned ceramic coated systems and e-mails will go out tomorrow: S2R800 (slashcut); M696 (eraser tips); S4RS and M1100 BoomTubes. Awaiting return of more M1100 BoomTubes and a M1000 Monster system late next week from a 3rd vendor to get faster return cycles and systems delivered to customers.