exhausts Vietnam bound

The special one-off (696 modified to) 795 Righty Shotguns are headed towards Vietnam today to a Ducati enthusiast there. Added via customer request a cnc’d badge that was signed and then sealed within high temp ceramic satin paint.

I’m still assembling systems from ceramic coated parts returned two weeks ago — there were a bunch of them!


[flashback] and update

Priority in the shop currently is getting the exhausts that are now back from ceramics assembled and shipped! Still a few more systems in queue for when I was out injured/sick to get finished and delivered asap.

[Flashback career] An old Aston Martin DBR2 racecar that I’m very familiar with — owner had it on the road in Washington and someone YouTube’d him. Great car and it had a huge influence upon myself to be seen upcoming. Too bad vehicles today don’t have the same character as this does…

[ONE EXTRA SET] of ’06 Sport Classic Righty Shotguns

[ONE EXTRA SET] of ’06 Sport Classic Righty Shotguns available until indicated

Here is an extra set of 2013 Sport Classic Righty Shotguns for the mono swingarm (’06 and ’07SE/PS). Standard baffles. Polished tips. $1200 plus shipping. Available for immediate shipment upon payment. This one system only as pictured.

The post from when first built (I shortened the shotguns two inches before sending to ceramic coating) –> http://www.motocreations.com/?p=2107RightyShotgunsMonoSportClassic

How they are supposed to look!

Thanks again to Brad and Josh at Performance Coatings in Auburn, Washington for properly prepping and ceramic coating numerous systems that I received back today. (and who did for myself for years when I was located in Washington) Next step is to get all the baffles and tips installed and prepared for shipment.

Here is a box of rear headers and exhaust tips all nicely wrapped in protective foam and bubble wrap. (and instructions from them for the owners upcoming on taking care of the ceramic coating and warranty thereof)


fabrication work

As most hardcore Ducatista know, the very early 750cc Ducati Monster/Supersport used to have cast aluminum belt covers (versus the plastic or carbonfiber iterations later). Only problem is they fit the 750cc engine only and thus not swappable onto the 900cc or bigger engines. Thus a one-off set that will get a few more modifications upcoming… first is making the covers a bit longer.