Not all Cobras are venomous… but they still might bite you if you aren’t careful in how you handle them.

Harry Potter glasses

OK — they really are not oversize Harry Potter glasses!!! (but several comments have been made when people see them) Leftover Brembo wheel lips with a bit more milling machine operations performed upon them. These will be turned into decorate items for a lucky Ducatista’s office or home in the upcoming future. Items will be […]

Surgery on a Brembo Superbik...

Brembo Superbike wheel that was in for a shave and a haircut on the milling machine for another custom motorcycle builder who will widen it to eight inches for one of his customers to run a 240 series wide rear tire on his Ducati Superbike.

Mercury Cougar design concep...

Too bad Mercury (Ford) didn’t build the Cougar (on a Cobra 289 chassis) to compete with the Corvette in the early 1960’s… but who knows what the future might hold? =)

Aluminum coachwork

A few sheets of flat aluminum and it somehow turned into this curvaceous bonnet on an old Italian racecar…



Ceramic coater was supposed to package and return nine exhaust systems but hasn’t as of yet. He will get packaged what they have finished and shipped in the next two days with delivery to Arizona by UPS Ground delivery. Mail server is off-line — or the mail parser toolset actually is. Huge bandwidth issue (by […]

Veteran’s Day

One down… plus several...

One down… plus several update

On Friday one long-term Ducati project was loaded onto a trailer and off to its home. Now time to finish up another one in the next several weeks and get it delivered as well. (Then I will get back to the Nuvolari Project and a small production run of parts for those ala frames, bodywork […]