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Bonneville Salt Flats

This post isn’t about motorcycles, automobiles or anything normal. It is about the hallowed ground covered in salt called the Bonneville Salt Flats in western Utah. Potash mining over the last century has pretty much destroyed and stripped the surface. Where there used to be 24 inches plus of salt in the mid-1960’s — there is maybe 1/4 inch if any currently. For many of us who like to build vehicles to chase land speed records with, it is the only safe place to run and it truly is the mecca of speed. Unfortunately nobody has been able to run for two years there due to poor (non-existent) salt and bad weather intermixed. Given the conditions of the underlying surface, numerous teams that have spent years or decades building vehicles to run — essentially they all became museum pieces as there is no place to run them. For the people who make the yearly pilgrimage to Bonneville (and some that I know have done for 50+ years or multi-generations) — we are all at a lost.

The Governor of Utah last week sent out a letter to the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) in Washington DC to address the situation. (see posted) Even the politicians have come to the realization that the raping of the land of resources will destroy the landmark itself as well as all the local economic (monetary) impact that results from the racers and public showing up for events there — as well as the millions of dollars spent to build the vehicles and hire people in their regions around the world to help build the vehicles.

The group that is leading the fight to address the problems with the Salt Flats called “The Utah Alliance” and they are making a difference. More about them are here: http://www.save-the-salt.org/



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Awaiting delivery tomorrow of more stainless tubing and stainless plate to finish a few more exhausts and extra baffles. Interim just making aluminum chips in cnc milling of aluminum parts for 659 / 695 / 696 / 796 and 1100cc Monsters for debut upcoming and to install on two Monster projects here to get delivered.

Sport Classic swingarms: Biposto -vs.- Monoposto

Sport Classic swingarms: Biposto -vs.- Monoposto

There are two different swingarms on the Sport Classic series!

Monoposto: This swingarm is characterized by the “banana shape” section of the right (clutch side) of the swingarm itself as well as ONLY a single shock mount on the sprocket side of the swingarm. Installation is ’06 Monoposto, ’07 Paul Smart and ’07 LE (which are cool in the black/gold paint schemas)

Biposto: Sprocket and clutch side of the swingarm are identical straight shapes. Also a shock mount on each side of the swingarm for the dual shock setup. This came on everything (mono and biposto) starting in ’07 with the exception of the PS and LE special editions.

Why the small education? One of my custom exhaust systems that fits a Biposto will inevitably fit a Monoposto swingarm — but the “banana shape” won’t be filled in and look rather empty. No way will a Monoposto exhaust that leverages the “banana shape” for exhaust routing — no way will it fit a biposto swingarm as it would hit the swingarm.

Many people with Biposto swingarms have acquired Monoposto swingarms and made the swap over the years. Easy to do.

Picture: Biposto installed. Monoposto just below it for comparison.